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Of the best Indoor Track & Field facility in the US. 

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Mary Papandera joins SITRAC Board of Directors

Board of Directors

What: SITRAC Board Meeting

When: 02/04/2016

Where: Hilton Garden Inn

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Lettieri appointed as SITRAC President

January 9. An executive decision made by acting President Pete Whitehouse, appointing Lorraine Lettieri as the President of SITRAC,"In a search of prospective people to lead us into 2014 Lorraine was my first choice. I was so happy when she agreed to return." 

Lettieri was the President of SITRAC from 2007-2010. She responded, "I am looking forward to leading SITRAC in the final leg of a 17 year journey,the opening of the Ocean Breeze Indoor Track & Field Facility." Lettieri has been very active in the non-profit world. 

She serves on the board of the SI Sports Hall of Fame and Lifestyles for the Disabled. Lettieri has coached CYO Track & Field for over 20 years.

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SITRAC is an incorporated, non-profit whose primary purpose is to advocate for, and assist in the development and construction of, a world class indoor track and field arena designed to benefit the local  track, running and community, including youth, teens, adults, seniors and disabled who either run competitively or for fitness and recreation.